SERIES: PopNature

Hand-cut Paper Sculptures of Endangered Species

Manilla-based artist Patrick Cabral has created a gorgeous series of intricate paper sculptures of endangered species and is donating half of any sales revenue to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF – Philippines).

Each paper animal is hand-crafted in a style that, at least on the surface, seems to reference a cross between South and Southeast Asian sculpture and Philippine embroidery.

There are detailed descriptions of each of the animals and their endangered status accompanying photos of the works on Cabral’s Instagram account and if you scroll through his profile, you can see some earlier iterations of the formative process that led to these more-refined works. Patrick also has a page on Behance showcasing this project.

Dhole by Patrick Cabral.
Elephant by Patrick Cabral
Giant Panda by Patrick Cabral
Gorilla by Patrick Cabral
Iberian Lynx by Patrick Cabral
Pangolin by Patrick Cabral
Polar Bear by Patrick Cabral
Rhinoceros by Patrick Cabral
Sea Turtle by Patrick Cabral
Snow Leopard by Patrick Cabral
Tamaraw by Patrick Cabral
Tiger by Patrick Cabral