Eleanor Lutz Breathes Life into Science Infographics

Image: Eleanor Lutz

Infographics are a fantastic visualization tool. They make often difficult-to-digest data much more palatable and have emerged as the data visualization tool of choice for all manner of media. Yet, up until now, you typically only ever see static infographics. Since we no longer rely on static print to convey information, there really isn’t any reason that data visualizations need to be static. Instruments like dynamic data dashboards featuring sliders and buttons are a product of that realization.

So why do we still see so many static infographics?  Eleanor Lutz of the blog Tabletop Whale is breaking that mold with a collection of science infographics as GIFs. Take a look at any of her wonderful dynamic illustrations and you’ll instantly understand why her work is so effective at communicating concepts like insect and bird flight patterns or respiratory gas exchange.

Of course, GIFs probably aren’t appropriate for every digital illustration (for instance, Eleanor’s 42 Butterflies of North America may have been better as a static illustration), but Lutz is definitely on the right track and I can’t wait to see more of her work.

If you’d like to learn more about the process behind these fantastic infographics, be sure to check-out Eleanor’s tutorial posted on her blog.

Image: Eleanor Lutz
Image: Eleanor Lutz
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